Thursday, 13 April 2017

Let’s Talk…About Mobility and Living Independently

You’ve heard us say this before: we believe that people in our community deserve the best health support services, programs and advice that a health care provider can make available…and sometimes the best medicine can simply be a good dose of knowledge. We’re hoping we can share some insights into healthier lifestyles with this blog- we also invite you to share your experiences.

April is Mobility Month at Walsh’s Pharmacy and Walsh’s Health & Lifestyle Centre. We are celebrating our 65th Anniversary this year…65 years of helping our customers and patients maintain an independent and healthier lifestyle.

We’ve all heard the expression, “April showers bring May flowers”. Well, April does bring showers… and May certainly the flowers. April is also the start of the outdoor season when the days seem warmer, the scent of Spring is in the air, and many of us simply have had enough of Winter and want to get started on outdoor activities.

However, for those with mobility issues, getting around can often be quite a challenge… and you don’t have to be a Senior to experience these day-to-day challenges. Why not share some of your challenges, and how you have, or are overcoming those issues.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to help you maintain an independent lifestyle while, at the same time experiencing a healthier, more active everyday life.

Outdoor activities involving recreational pastimes such as a short walk, gardening,  and even shopping, combined with other moderate exercise and supplement programs can add a sense of well-being for all of us. These also provide a personal sense of satisfaction that can be so important to a health maintenance agenda. Walsh’s Pharmacy, and Health & Lifestyle Centre offers assistive devices, safety products and exercise therapy programs to help get started.

We also have accredited staff members who can also help in helping to make the right choice related to blood pressure, circulation, and compression stocking needs; as well we can provide guidance on the selection of a cane, a walker/rollator, bathroom safety and even a lift chair.

While many seniors are generally healthier and more physically fit than seniors of previous generations, many older Canadians still experience limitations to their activities. In part, these limitations can be associated with the normal course of aging- from arthritis to reduced vision.

Activity for many can be compromised if a person has difficulty hearing, seeing, walking, climbing stairs, bending, reaching, or doing similar activities. These limitations don’t necessarily only apply to seniors; they can affect people of any age.

Walsh’s Health &Lifestyle Centre opens this month; why not come see us for all your mobility needs.

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