Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Cold and Flu Fighting Advice

Walsh’s Pharmacy has maintained that people within our community deserve the best health care services, programs and advice that we can provide. Sometimes the best medicine is a good dose of knowledge. October is the beginning of the flu season, as well as the time of year for cold viruses.

10 Proven Ways to Stay Healthy this Winter

Here are 10 proven ways to prevent the spread of cold and flu. Visit Walsh’s Pharmacy and Walsh’s Health & Lifestyle Centre today, and Let’s Talk…     

1. Wash your hands often. Colds and the flu are spread by direct contact, either from person to person, or from person to object. So, simply shaking hands, or touching the same chair can transfer the virus;

2. Get plenty of Rest. Getting enough sleep is integral to your health, especially when you’re ‘under the weather’. Aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night;

3. Keep your Hands away from your Face. Your eyes, nose and mouth are prime areas for viral germs, so keeping your hands away from your face is important to minimize the spread of germs;

4. Sneeze into your Elbow, not your Hand. We all know to cover our coughs and sneezes, but to limit the transfer of a virus, cough or sneeze into your sleeved elbow;

5. Keep Hand Sanitizer at the Ready. When a sink isn’t nearby, hand sanitizer works. Keep one in your purse or pocket, desk or car, for convenient use;

6. Drink Water and Eat Well. Keeping your body hydrated and well nourished is a year round necessity, but especially during cold and flu season; remember to have multivitamins as part of your daily regimen;

7. Get fresh Air. When cold air arrives, people are more likely to stay indoors. To minimize exposure to germs, which thrive in warm, heated areas, go outside periodically to help boost your immune system, and to also revitalize your mind;

8. De-stress and Relax. Think positive thoughts. Relax more, and try to stress less. Studies have demonstrated that people with a negative outlook on life were more susceptible to colds and flu than those who had a positive view;

9. Don’t smoke. This is true regardless of cold and flu season. Smokers are more likely to get severe colds, and to get them more frequently. Smokers also take longer to recover from illnesses than non-smokers;

10. Get a Flu Shot. Getting a flu shot protects you and your loved ones, especially at-risk children and seniors who could experience serious complications from the flu. As mentioned last month, watch for Walsh’s Pharmacy flu shot information.

Speak with your health care practitioner or your Walsh’s Pharmacy pharmacist for advice regarding the best way to avoid, or fight your cold and flu symptoms. Let’s talk... 

Check our website, , in-store notices and newspaper for information about our flu shot schedule.     

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