Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Summer…Outdoor Activities and Mobility

Walsh’s maintains that our community deserves the best health support services, programs and advice that we as health care providers can make available. These columns help to provide some insights, as well as communicate that sometimes the best medicine can simply be a good dose of knowledge.

 While the April-June period signals the start Spring and Summer, July is really when summer activities really “kick in” with the start of summer vacations, doing more outdoor grilling, tending to one’s garden(s), enjoying the warmth (if not too hot, that is).

For those with mobility issues, getting around to doing some of these activities can be quite a challenge. And you don’t have to be a senior to experience these day-to-day mobility challenges.

Fortunately, there are a number of organizations, as well as various means of maintaining an independent lifestyle and, at the same time, living a healthier, more active everyday life.

Outdoor activities of any sort, such as short walks or gardening, combined with any moderate exercise and supplement program can add a sense of personal well-being. As a pharmacist and health care practioner, any personal sense of satisfaction can be so important to any health maintenance program. Walsh’s Pharmacy, through our health and lifestyle centre offers a broad range of mobility devices; safety products as well as exercise therapy programs to help get started on a more enjoyable summer.

We also have accredited staff members who can also assist in helping to make a knowledgeable choice related to blood pressure, circulation, and compression needs; as well we can provide professional guidance on the selection of a cane, a walker-rollator, or even a lift chair. 

While many of today’s seniors are generally healthier and more physically fit than seniors of previous generations, some older Canadians still experience limitations on their activities. In part, these limitations can be associated with the normal course of aging- from arthritis to reduced vision. Activity for many can be difficult if a person has difficulty hearing, seeing, walking, climbing stairs, bending, reaching, or doing similar activities. These difficulties can prevent the enjoyment of leisure interests. And these limitations don’t necessarily apply to just seniors; they can affect people of any age.

Just recently, our home health care division, Walsh’s Health & Lifestyle Centre, launched its newest health initiative- a Virtual Store, as well as a health and lifestyle catalogue containing well over 3,000 home healthcare products. With these additions to our customer programs, we are even more confident in meeting the health-related needs of our community, and contributing to a better you. The Virtual Store is available for viewing in-store; the 240 page catalogue is free for the asking- why not pick up your free copy today. 

Remember to always check with your health care provider to ensure that any exercise regimen is right for you.

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