Wednesday, 12 April 2017

March is Pharmacist Awareness Month

Walsh’s Pharmacy has maintained that people in our community deserve the best health support services, programs and advice that we can provide. And sometimes the best medicine is simply a good dose of knowledge.

Among the many other national health awareness events and programs planned for and which take place in Canada during March, Pharmacist Awareness Month is a key recognition program. Our March in-store plans, together with a regional agenda provide the perfect opportunity to also learn about the many health and wellness products and services available at Walsh’s Pharmacy. It is generally conceded that pharmacists are at the forefront of main stream health care practitioners, covering the professional care and treatment of patients; at Walsh’s we pride ourselves in continually delivering on that expectation.

We are your medication experts, and the best equipped health care provider to help you understand and apply the best use of your medications. As has been supported by numerous surveys, pharmacists are also among the most trusted of health care providers within the health care network. 

Whether it’s conducting a one-on-one annual MedsCheck for those taking a minimum of three medications, or providing consultation for a planned hospital admission, or managing medications after being discharged from the hospital, Walsh’s pharmacists provide all the necessary guidance you should expect. It may also simply be to provide support information related to vitamin/nutrition supplements, every effort is made to ensure that we have knowledgeable patients.

In addition to providing prescription medication counselling, we also provide important information associated with nutrition-related health issues, as well as suggest supplements to augment any diet deficiencies. We can discuss common food-drug interactions, recommend ways to boost fibre intake, and even advise on special nutrient needs for older adults.

With the development of our Health and Lifestyle Centre, together with our expanded home health care product and service presentation, Walsh’s Pharmacy can also offer a broadened customer support program which also helps our patients and customers live both an improved quality of life and the ability to maintain an in-home independent lifestyle.

The first day of Spring is next week (March 20th), and you’re probably starting to think about getting outdoors soon; think of Walsh’s first if mobility or exercise therapy are considerations for helping your transition into Spring and Summer; and did you remember to set all your clocks forward one hour on Sunday, March 9th. At this time, it’s also recommended you change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.   

And, to serve as an additional reminder, with children out of school this week, enjoying their mid-winter break, be extra alert on the road; they might not be watching out for you- be sure you’re watching out for them.

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