Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Flu and Flu Shots...know the Facts

Walsh’s Pharmacy has maintained that people within our community, deserve the best health care services and programs that we can provide. With this in mind, Walsh’s Pharmacy in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, will be providing Flu shots for those in our community, and beyond who receive the flu vaccine. See in-store to learn more about the Flu, and why you should consider being vaccinated.

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Most anyone who has ever had the flu, or influenza (in its many forms), knows that it is easily caught and is easily spread. While symptoms may vary from person to person, and seem like you’re getting a cold, the flu can be much, much worse than a cold. These symptoms may take the form of a headache, chills, and dry cough followed by body ache and fever.

For some, the flu can lead to some very serious complications, and while most people fully recover, others can experience more serious problems such as pneumonia, and require hospitalization.

Each year brings a new strain of the flu, requiring a new flu shot to be effectively protected. An annual vaccination, or flu shot, is considered the only effective preventative measure proven to reduce the severest of outcomes. Often people miss getting a flu shot because of a lack of time, availability, or accessibility. Walsh’s Pharmacy pharmacists and staff will be doing their utmost to accommodate as many patients who require, or should get, a flu shot as possible during the beginning of the “flu season”.

While diet, exercise, and taking vitamins and supplements all contribute to overall health, they aren’t always enough to protect you from the flu virus. This is particularly true if you already have a medical condition. A flu vaccination, at the start of the flu season (which generally begins in October), can provide increased protection, or at least, reduce the more serious effects of the virus should you contract it.

In fact, children and seniors tend to be the groups most at risk and susceptible to the flu. Additionally, anyone with chronic heart, or lung disease, diabetes, or those with a weakened immune system should be immunized against the flu.

While some people, due to medical reasons should not get a flu shot (those with severe allergies or hypersensitivity to eggs, for instance), most anyone over the age of 6 months, can and should, get a flu shot. You can also check our website for information related to Allergies, and other health-related references.

Check our website, , in-store notices and newspaper for information about our flu shot program schedule. 

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