Wednesday, 14 June 2017

About Living Independently…Mobility and You

Since Walsh’s opened its doors in 1952, we’ve been committed to helping our friends and neighbours to live independently, remain in their community and homes for as long as they are able, and also enjoy being able to get around- both in and outside of their home.

We’ve also maintained that sometimes the best medicine is simply a good dose of knowledge. We’re hoping we can share some of that knowledge and insights into healthier lifestyles through this blog.

We encourage, and invite, you to share your experiences with us and with others who visit our website and read our blog. Share your challenges, and how you’ve been able to find strategies which you find helpful.

While June 21st is officially the beginning of Summer, we all begin looking forward to getting outdoors as soon as the snow is gone and the scent of Spring is in the air. Often your sense of well-being can be directly related to how you feel; and often how you feel is directly related to how much you’re able to experience the world around you. We spoke about the importance of mobility in April, but it bears repeating…

For some with mobility issues, and/or other limitations, that’s not always possible. Often mobility options are limited and getting around for some is a challenge. Activity for many can also be compromised if a person has difficulty hearing, seeing, walking, climbing stairs, bending, reaching, or doing similar activities. These limitations aren’t simply limited to seniors, by the way. There are many who experience these day-to-day challenges, which can affect people of any age.

While more and more seniors are generally healthier and more physically fit than seniors of previous generations, many older Canadians still experience limitations to their activities. In part, these limitations can be associated with the normal course of aging- from arthritis to reduced vision.

But there is some good news...there are a multiple and varied ways to help you maintain your independence and at the same time experience a healthier, more active everyday way of life.

Outdoor activities involving recreational pastimes such as short walks (using a walker, rollator, walking poles, or a cane); gardening (with assistive devices to get down and up), even shopping, combined with other moderate exercise and supplemental programs can add a sense of well-being for all of us. Activities such as these also provide a personal sense of satisfaction that can be so important to a personal health maintenance program. How do you feel about this?

Walsh’s Pharmacy and Health & Lifestyle Centre(s) offer a broad range of assistive devices, safety products and exercise therapy programs to help get you started. And, we have accredited staff members who can also help you make the right choices related to blood pressure, circulation devices, and compression stocking needs. As well we can provide guidance in selecting a cane, a walker/rollator, multiple bathroom safety accessories, or even a lift chair and scooter. Don’t limit yourself…seek expert help.

Why not visit with us today, and find out how we can help you maintain your chosen independent lifestyle. See what’s in store for you at Walsh’s.

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